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To empower individuals through Medical transcription training
The world is changing. The future is a complicated and competitive place! Do you have the skills and knowledge to help move the world to the future? APT Training Services believes that you could be self equipped to be part of, and lead, that change. In helping achieve this goal, training is key. We specialize in imparting unmatched world-class training. We work with the aim to provide passion, integrity, expertise and teamwork.
Our unique market-focused course and industry-trained faculty would give you the edge that you need.
APT maintains the highest standard of facilities which when supported by our team of experienced and professionally qualified tutors creates an excellent environment for professional training. With us, you have a friend, a guide, a teacher and a resource to walk with you every step of the way in your career.
Why us?
Our highly skilled training group delivers standard as well as customized training and mentoring.
To us, Quality is King. Experts rigorously monitor our training programs & keep a constant check on quality. Instructors are re-certified at regular intervals to enhance their efficiency and subject knowledge
The subject is made interesting and the teaching environment friendly enough such that students have good rapport with the teachers who are themselves qualified doctors, who take a keen interest in every student and inculcate in them the basic knowledge of transcription and help them to grasp the technicalities of this complex subject.

Our requirements:
1. You need NOT be a graduate or a medical student.
2. Familiarity with English language and its basic usage.
3. A good vocabulary
4. A good listening skill
5. Speed and accuracy
Program Highlights
Medical Transcription includes a basic 4 – month course with a comprehensive coverage of student syllabus and extensive curriculum.
MT training at APT is a dedicated teamwork whose most important key is to fulfill its commitment and to help build a strong organization.
Thus, a plentiful supply of reading assignments, wide terminology exercises in medicine and instructions shall give you a highly paid global career, turning you into a complete and experienced MT professional.
APT has conceptualized an industry relevant curriculum. It offers a 4 months Basic Course. The program offers comprehensive coverage of student syllabus and extensive hands - on - training.
The course provides the students with reading assignments, terminology exercises, review questions, transcription tips and instructions in performing stringent quality checks. Our highly trained faculty members also train you on Computer Aided Learning Tools, relevant multimedia and Internet applications.
All this and the pioneering edge of APT turns you into a complete professional, armed with a head start and rewarded with a highly paying global career.

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